What We Do  

Our firm was established to provide efficient, professional short-term financing to real estate investors and developers. When your project requires a fast turnaround, without the typical exorbitant fees, we're your reliable partner. We can fund your property or project in as little as three days on deal ranging from $200,000 to $10 million.

Property Types:     Commercial, industrial, retail, office, mixed-use, residential. 
Loan Type:            First trust deeds. Junior financing (seconds) can be arranged.
Location:               Nationwide.   
Interest Rate:         Currently 10%, interest only.
Fees:                    Typically 2-3% of loan amount.
Loan to Value:        Up to 65% on improved property. CLTV up to 75%.
Documentation:      Tax returns, credit reports, appraisals are not required. 


California Hard Money Lenders - fast, low cost, hard money loans nationwide - $200,000 to $10 Million 
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